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Mature starter seeking views

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Hi everyone.

At 56 years and after many years in the public service I am looking at embarking upon training courses, aiming to achieve ICB level 4 in Bookkeeping (plus payroll and income tax), with a view to being self-employed. My previous experience in accountancy goes back well over 30 years (junior audit clerk for a year in a chartered accountants) and I have a little bit of experience of self-employment but reading up on it all I am clearly still familiar with many of the basics.

Obviously this would be a big commitment for me but before going down this path I just wanted to ask for any views on two points in particular:

1. A family member who was in banking and did a little bookkeeping after retirement tells me it is not worth doing as there are so many in this line of work that I would only get minimal payment!

2. Whilst planning on self-employment, clearly it would make sense to get some practical experience under my belt and I wondered what options might be availableout there for somebody of my age?

Any views or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks, John

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Hi John

Although I have an accounting background i'd never completed the full qualifications so when I took voluntary redundancy I decided to do the ICB qualifications through Ideal Schools.  I did the Career Path.  The good thing is you can do it in your own time and once your AICB qualified you can set up in practice.  I went on to complete the MICB as well as SAT and payroll.   


Although there are plenty of bookkeepers out there there is also plenty of self employed  or SMB's that require our services.   With MTD coming into force eventually (HMRC keep moving the goalposts on that one) I think there will be even further need for qualified bookkeepers.  

Regarding age.  I'm in my fifties so dont let age be a hindrance.  If you look on the Ideal Schools 'spotlight' you'll see Terry Ramm who competed his ICB studies at 63 and is now planning on going nationwide.  






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as I was mentioned I should reply. Feel free to call me one evening to discuss how it's been for me. 07907 615247

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Thanks Liz and Terry for responding. Positive and helpful comments and I hadn't considered the potential impact of MTD on demand. (I will probably take you up on your kind offer Terry after I have got my head around some of the issues I'd like to explore).

My real concern with my age is in trying to establish where I might be able to get practical hands-on experience to give me the confidence to go self-employed with this. (Assuming I am successful with my studies of course!). I am not necessarily looking at employment, which might not be so easy at my age with no current experience (though I wouldn't dismiss that), but I am wondering how other people may have got their hands "dirty"? 


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